Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

What is ATHL.Exercise?

ATHL.Exercise is a platform for personalized physical exercise programming. Exercise programs within a Strenght and Conditioning approach are intervention using physical exercise deliberately planned, structured and repetitive that seeks to improve or maintain an adaptation to enhance fitness and health. That’s what we do.

What is the meaning of physical fitness?

Physical fitness refers to the overall health and well-being of an individual’s body, encompassing attributes such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It is achieved through regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest, leading to improved overall health and quality of life.

What is strength and conditioning training?

Strength and conditioning training is a structured exercise program designed to improve an individual’s physical performance and athletic abilities. It typically involves exercises focused on increasing balance, strength, metabolism, endurance and recovery tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual.

What is a strength and conditioning coach?

A strength and conditioning coach is a fitness professional who specializes in designing and implementing exercise programs aimed at improving athletic performance, strength, and overall physical conditioning. These coaches work with athletes, teams, or individuals to develop customized training plans tailored to specific sport requirements or fitness goals.

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is a form of coaching where communication and guidance between a coach and client occur primarily through digital platforms such as websites, emails, video calls, or messaging apps. Online coaching provides convenience and flexibility, allowing individuals to receive personalized guidance and support from a qualified coach regardless of their location.

What is online fitness coaching, and how does it work?

Online fitness coaching is a convenient way to receive personalized guidance and support remotely. The process starts with an initial assessment and goal setting to understand your needs. Your coach will design a customized training program tailored to your goals. The program is delivered through an online platform or mobile app, accessible from any device. Communication channels like email, messaging apps, and video calls are used for support. Progress tracking and regular check-ins ensure accountability. Remote coaching offers flexibility in scheduling and location, suitable for busy individuals. It provides professional guidance and support in real-time, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

How is the training program personalized to my specific goals and needs?

Our online fitness coaching provides a personalized training program designed specifically for your goals and needs. Our coaches assess your objectives, preferences, limitations, and available time to create a customized plan. The program includes tailored exercises, intensity levels, and training methods. Modifications are made to accommodate limitations or special considerations. Regular check-ins and feedback ensure the program stays aligned with your goals. With our personalized approach, you can achieve optimal results and success in your fitness journey.

How do I communicate with my online fitness coach and receive support?

At ATHL.Exercise, we prioritize communication and support for our clients. You can easily connect with your online fitness coach through various communication channels, including messaging apps and scheduled video calls. Our coaches are dedicated to providing prompt responses and guidance throughout your fitness journey.

The convenience of instant messaging allows you to reach out to your coach 24/7. We understand the importance of timely support and aim to address your inquiries and concerns promptly. Rest assured that our coaches are committed to providing you with the level of support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

For scheduling appointments or further inquiries, please refer to the Contact page on our website.

Do you work with athletes and sport performance?

Yes, ATHL.Exercise works with athletes and sport performance. With over 20 years of original background expertise, ATHL.Exercise has extended and developed its scope of practice to cater to athletes and their specific needs. The team at ATHL.Exercise is experienced in providing training and conditioning programs tailored to enhance athletic performance by improving fitness positvely impacting quality practice for sports-specific skills. Whether it’s professional athletes, aspiring athletes, or individuals looking to improve their athletic abilities, ATHL.Exercise is equipped to support and guide them towards their goals.

Can I speak to you by phone or video chat to get more information before I join?

Absolutely! Simply book a FREE consultation to speak with an ATHL.Exercise coach directly about our services via Google Meet and discuss your needs and program details.

You can book that here: ATHL | Appointment Booking Portal

Keep in mind, if you do book this call and do not attend your scheduled time within 5 minutes of the start time, the Coach will leave the call and continue with their workday.

Who is ATHL.Exercise programs for?

ATHL.Exercise is a platform where we connect qualified and experienced exercise science professionals with people like you. WIth more than +50 years on Exercise Science research within ATHL.Exercise we identify lines of action and needs to guide you towards improve your fitness with high definition exercise planning and programming.

We developed ATHL S-Core®, a system which goes deep into cell metabolism, exercise phisology and biomechanics and adapts to your needs and goals. Here to increse your fitness for a healthier lifestyle? We will provide the resources and tools to do so. Reaching out to seek and improve higher performance on your activities? ATHL S-Core® will help us to reach that point efficiently. Note that we do not provide “one fits all” program.

In short, what are PREMIUM programs?

We have extensive expertise in program design for ATHLETIC PERFOMRANCE (Skill performance, Power, Strength, Body composition, Recovery, Motor function and stamina), PRE/POST INJURY (Strength, Exercise tolerance, Musle activation, Motor learning, Pain relief, Motor fundamentals, System sync) and HEALTH (Vitality, Stress releif, Build muscle, Fat loss, Pain relief, Body function).

We take on clients all around the world from beginner to advanced and base the program design on your unique needs.
This includes your current fitness level, goal, experience, access to equipment and schedule.
Each workout, exercise and exercise bout in your program is personalized and designed from the ground up accordingly to your individual plan. When need it each task will specifiy defintion as sets, reps, tempo, recovery and intensity to be performed. Exercise movements usually come along with a video demonstrations for each one in the app.
We are behind the AHTL.S-Core system. All progressive programs are designed and supervised with high definition. Is individualized. It is that specific.
Your trainer will build and deliver all this program through a comprehensive app and an additional online private sharing point will be available for further documents, and all ATHL.S-Core materials. All is eassy accessible by PC, Android or IOs devices.
Workout plan and program will be reviewed by your trainer based on 1 on 1 communication and you biofeedback periodically. Usually plans upgrade and optimize programs every 4 weeks to be able to induce biological trends and cycles. Additionally our programs have a 3 week onboarding process including the program induction and unlimited in-app messaging, 
 All programs are a subscription and are automatically billed monthly until you cancel or change plans.

If you are ready to get started or learn more about plan details, you can securely enroll online here: ATHL | Immersive Online Fitness Programs and Options

If you still have questions, you can book a FREE consultation by booking here: ATHL | Appointment Booking Portal.

What can I expect in each coaching session?

Your professional fitness consultat will determine the general course of coaching calls based on biofeedback, completion, personal feedback, conversations log, and any other data they collect relevant to you. The typical coaching session follows a three-system format which includes workout/fitness review, goal completion and general mindset coaching.

Often, your coach will ask you to submit a video of you performing tasks and/or exercises. You may have to do live demonstrations to ensure motor learning, exercise quality and risk assessment.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we will be sad to see you go although! Surely we were on the right path. However biological science and adaptations might need more time than you expected. Anyway, you may cancel your recurring dues 10 DAYS PRIOR to your billing date with written notice. Please message us at our email adress athlexercise(a) and cancellation will be facilitated. Cancel anytime, no cancellation fees.

Please see our full Terms and Conditions here.

Can I exercise with health conditions?

Most likely and that is exactly what Exercise Prescription (ExRx) is for. However, our first pre-exercise screening and assessment will provide us important details about your health profile. Our goal is to assess your situation, mitigate risks and provide the best possible solutions to increase physical activity for health related fitness. Be aware that SAFETY and YOUR HEALTH goes FIRST. Assessment based on those parameters will be CRITICAL for DECISION MAKING regarding exercise programming. 

* ATHL.Exercise does not substitute medical assessments and treatments. Consult with your physician.

I got injured. Can I exercise?

Yes, most likely. However, every case will be submitted to assessment. If your situation allows exercising in a safe manner, an specific exercise program, supervised by your coach an Exercise Science Professional will be designed to match your needs. That program will be categorized as a prevention or post injury intervention. Be aware that SAFETY and YOUR HEALTH goes FIRST. Assessment based on those parameters will be CRITICAL for DECISION MAKING regarding exercise programming. 

* ATHL.Exercise does not substitute medical assessments and treatments. Consult with your physician.

Do I need a gym membership? What equipment can be used?

No, no gym required. However, a fitness center may offer more tools and resources to engage on an more ATHL.Exercise extensive exercise program.
Nonetheless, w
e offer a private exercise library of +6000 videos. Programs are uniquely personalized based on your fitness equipment tools selection and availability. We work with:





* ATHL.Exercise subscription fee does not include any equipment, or additional subsription to gym memberships and software tools.


Methods of payment

ATHL.Exercise uses a secure virtual gateway payment platform powered by PAYPAL. All operations involving the transmission of personal or bank data are carried out using a safe and secure environment.
Methods of payment are credit and debit cards accepted by PAYPAL (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery). Currency is in Euros (€).

How long are the programs?

Our main target is to help you to attain your goals, however there are no short-cuts to success. Just optimal pathways to reach them. Therefore attitude and perseverance is what matters.

All ATHL programs are ongoing processes. Cycles have a quarterly duration (4 months) billed monthly. Cycles are set up to continuosly adapt individualizing your program in coordination with your coach at least every 2 weeks. Therefore multiple cycles can be linked over time.
Additionally, ATHL.Core uses mid to long term testing and assessment protocols to design, adapt and measure progress over time with high definition.

Exercise prescription literally interacts to restore, improve or maintain biological process therefore improving fitness or your readiness might take up more than you expected. Commitment and consistency are the key to success.

Redefining fitness.

How long until I see results?

Trainers often receive the question, “How long will it take to see results?” However, unrealistic promises made by some trainers and fitness scams have created false expectations and a sense of hopelessness. It is important to understand that each individual’s fitness journey is unique, and progress should be measured based on factors such as composition change, fat loss, muscle development, and strength increases. Results depend on various factors like genetics, adaptation to exercise, effort, consistency, caloric intake, and nutrition. As a general example, for body fat loss, a healthy male can expect to lose around 0.7-0.9 kilograms per week, while females can aim for 0.5-0.7 kilograms. It’s important to focus on body fat rather than weight since muscle is denser than fat. For more information, individuals can contact directly or visit the ATHL.Exercise Blog for guidance and support.

How is ATHL program framework and what to expect?

ATHL.Exercise developed ATHL.S-Core a high definition Strength & Conditioning assessment spectrum to analize, plan and track progress. Long story short it helps us to understand individual needs based on individual demands.
Programs follow a support structure of 6 weeks blocks to guarantee users adaptation, follow accountability and track progression of exercise prescription.
Program runs as follows:

Week 1: Induction and S-Core Test
Week 2: S-Core review and Training
Week 3: Training and Consultation
Week 4: Training
Week 5: Training and Consultation
Week 6: Training

Why does ATHL.Exercise have a small social media profile?

ATHL has historically held a personal bias against social media due to its perceived divisiveness, artificiality, and potential negative impact on reasonable expectations and courtesy. However, the company recognizes the importance of establishing a strong brand presence in the digital landscape. In the upcoming months, ATHL will be dedicating efforts to develop its social media platforms, ensuring an authentic, credible, and trustworthy presence.

ATHL is excited to engage with both existing and prospective customers. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore ATHL’s social media presence on various platforms and follow @athlexercise for updates and valuable content.

Is there a free trial period?

ATHL.Exercise has taken a different approach when it comes to offering free trials. The belief is that free trials often fail to provide a solid foundation for a sustainable fitness lifestyle. It has been observed that individuals seeking “free” or “trial” options may not be fully committed to making a genuine lifestyle change.

Furthermore, offering a free trial undermines the value of the customized nature of each ATHL.Exercise program, as well as the expertise and experience of the coaching team.

Unlike static fitness apps that generate template workouts without the involvement of a professional, ATHL.Exercise ensures that every client receives personalized attention from a live human coach throughout their program. This level of service comes at a cost to ATHL.Exercise, but it holds remarkable value in a market saturated with automated solutions.

Moreover, the fitness industry is filled with online, Instagram, and YouTube “trainers” who freely distribute templates and content as hooks to sell their pre-packaged programs.

ATHL.Exercise was built from the ground up with a focus on promoting long-term behavior change, fostering strong client relationships, and delivering results.

What if someone travels frequently?

For individuals who travel often, ATHL.Exercise’s online personal training is an ideal solution. Whether you prefer full bodyweight programs or workouts based on the equipment available to you, ATHL.Exercise can accommodate your needs. The accountability, workout tracking, and coaching provided by ATHL.Exercise are all accessible through mobile devices, allowing you to stay connected and receive guidance from your ATHL coach even when you are out of the country or on the move. Your coach will be there to guide, motivate, and support you throughout your fitness journey, regardless of your location.