Understanding the Exercise Potential (E-book)

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Understanding the Exercise Science Potential is the ultimate ebook to approach health and performance from a Strength & Conditioning scope. An ebook turned out into a powerful tool with +50 pages to walk you through physical exercise and physical activity practises and applications driven to improve functional capacity and fitness performance for health, prevention and athletics goals.

Learn to assess your approach to health and performance with a unique perspective to enhance your life experience. Identify strengths and weaknesses to optimize the road map to progression and improvement to an outright readiness.

Book content:
Chapter 1: The key points of Exercise Science.

Chapter 2: Outcomes to look for in Health-Fitness.
Chapter 3: Outcomes to look for in Injury prevention.
Chapter 4: Outcomes to look for in athletic and sports development.
Chapter 5: The fitness spectrum.
Chapter 6: One of 5’s: Why balance is critical?
Chapter 7: One of 5’s: Why strength is essential?
Chapter 8: One of 5’s: Why metabolism is vital?
Chapter 9: One of 5’s: Why endurance is important?
Chapter 10: One of 5’s: Why recovery is noteworthy?
BONUS: The exercise potential Decalogue.