Physical activity and sports became a popular movement and part of society, athletes have become stars, sports drive thousands of people to practice for the joy of play and its well known that physical activity and exercise have undeniable contributions for health and wellbeing. Lets breakdown the benefits of Exercise Science behind professional athletes and health.

1. The iceberg principle

In order to successfully become a star or be healthy there are a lot of lines of action and often hardwork to pay off. The final rewards are what are seen and valued but those are just the tip of the iceberg and all the prep behind it that keeps the tip visible are not seen.
One of those important ice chunks that keep the all iceberg floating allowing to keep us healthy and pushing the limits of our performance are Strength & Conditioning programs. How do we prep and get ready to achieve our goals. 

2. An Strength & Conditioning program?

To put it in a simple way, a Strength & Conditioning program function is to orchestrate and organize a fitness program.
A Strength & Conditioning provides a framework that aims to satisfy the requirements and needs preparing an outright profile for a specific scenario. This set up allows to program exercise interventions and different methodologies targeting the fitness spectrum for individuals or team readiness.
Its ultimate goal is to provide all you need to succeed in the quest.

3. Strength & Conditioning goals

What exercise science has proven over the last 60 years of reseach is that approaching scenrios and biological impairments with exercise prescription induce short to long term benefits.  A poperly guided and design Strength & Conditioning program can have valuable benefits on health, injury prevention and phyisical performance.
Strength & Conditioning is a framework that operates under 4 main principles:

+ Assess performance and progression
+ Develop systematic interventions
+ Improve performance and function
+ Reduce injury risk

4. The Strength & Condidioning profile

A Strength & Conditioning program is based and composed by understanding and integrating human multiple physiological and structural demands allowing to design exercise protocols aimed to induce adaptations to serve the purpose at stake. Since every scenario sets determined profiles, no matter what if those are high performance sport, post injury stages or health, Strength & Conditioning scopes works closesly with the fitness spectrum to match individual or team needs to cover their demands and needs.
Better Strength & Conditioning profiles will increase probability of success, continuity and longevity to an athlete practice, reinforcing the framework goals and ultimately increaseing individual life experience and achievement.

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About the author:
Albert Piñol – MSc in Physical Activity and Sports Science, MSc in Exercise Physiology. Specialized in exercise physiology, hypoxia, neuromuscular system and motor skill development in adventure and action sports. IG: @albert_pinol