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Increase fitness and injury prevention improving physical activity quality for health and sport performance with customized exercise science.


· Responsibility
· Adaptability
· Effort
· Perseverance
· Passion


Built on passion and ingenuity, we strive to provide solutions and progression through Exercise Programming and Strength & Conditioning to increase health and human perofmrance.


My name is Albert Piñol (MA, MSc, DHE, DE), founder of ATHL.Exercise. As a professional snowboarder, I simultaneously developed my skills as an exercise and sport science professional.

With more than 20 years of experience helping athletes in sports academies, national teams and outdoor sports, I have built ATHL. The platform, which combines the latest Exercise Science applications with innovative technology, to develop all your capabilities and potential. Visit my LI profile.


I grew up in the countryside, just before the Pyrenees mountain range where I played outside, roller hockey, basketball and tennis, rode bikes, hiked, skied, skateboarded and snowboarded without excelling at anything. I was just excited to learn. Young, with no innate talent and clear goals, I started late on the competition scene in 2007, where I then made the jump to the international scene in 2011, fighting my way up the World Snowboard Point List rankings. Years of self-improvement to be able to enjoy and strengthen myself on international until 2018. What gave meaning to my story, even outside of my snowboarding career, was not just achieving certain successes , achieving goals, improving and sharing an incredible journey, so were the injury and recovery processes. In the end, overcome the challenges that presented themselves.

I focused on Exercise Science and Fitness after several major injuries to help me achieve my goals, which ended up giving quality and longevity to my professional career not only as an athlete but as a Excersie and Sports Science specialist in Andorra, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and Spain. Personally now, one of my goals is to help find solutions through physical activity to improve health and sports performance.


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