Nicolás Chiaraviglio

BSE, MSc. Tech Board Advisor

Alex Soldevila

BS, MA, MS. CMO and Sales.

Albert Piñol Olea

MA, MSc, DHE, DE, Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of experience in Exercise Science, Sport performance and Outdoor Education, he has been involved with athlete development since 2011. As a former pro snowboard athlete to be coaching in private academies and all mountain skill development, Exercise physiology labs to Head-coach of Freestyle Snowboard National Team. His career, outdoor enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and passion has guide him towards an accurate trainer skill set on and off the snow with an extensive view of health, injury prevention, human performance, motor learning and outdoor sports.

Gabriela Clausen

MD Internist, MS. Medical Board Advisor

Gabriela has passion for internal medicine. She belives as a physican in physical activity and exercise benefits. Her role is to advise on health-fitness related exercise programs for patients with in risk classification. She enjoys outdoors and has an active lifestyle to promote exercise adaptations.

Andorra Telecom – NIU

Business board advisor

Start-Up hub powered by Andorra Telecom.



ATHL S-Core R&D advisor

T-Rex is the vivid example of fitness, attitude, criteria and perseverance. He tested ATHL S-Core for over millions years being the first T-Rex able do to push-ups. Surely, you can find him exercising outdoors in the back-country, doing Recovery, Strength and Metabolism programs. He also likes to hike, splitboard and ride bikes. Are you ready for such an adventure?