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  • What is an exercise program?

    An exercise program is an intervention using physical exercise or an activity deliberately planned, structured and repetitive that seeks to improve or maintain an adaptation contributing to enhance fitness and health. That’s what we do.


  • What is an Strength & Conditioning program?

    Strength & Conditioning (S&C) are programmed interventions and methodologies targeting physical or skill fitness aiming to develop a selected set of attributes. Those components will contribute to improve and optimize human performance, functional capacity, fitness levels, life quality and decrease injury risk. That’s what we design and provide for you.


  • What is ATHL.Exercise ebook?

    Understanding the Exercise Science Potential is the ultimate ebook to approach health and performance from a Strength & Conditioning scope. An ebook turned out into a powerful tool to walk you through physical exercise and physical activity practises and applications driven to improve functional capacity and fitness performance for health, prevention and athletics goals.

    A trully game changer lifebook.


  • ATHL.Exercise remote coaching

    ATHL.Exercise remote coaching programs is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you are an elithe athlete looking to take your performance to  the next level or somene who takes their health and fitness seriously. Remote coaching is a useful tool to have quality Exercise Prescrition and/or Strength & Conditioning directly delivered to you without sacrificing results, costs and autonomy. ATHL.Exercise provides ATHL.Core benefits offering online AI coaching and PREMIUM remote coaching combining ATHL.Core with the supervision of a highly qualified trainer.



  • Who is it ATHL.Exercise for? Fitness experts or beginners?

    ATHL.Exercise is based on exercise science. Thanks to ATHL.Core®, ATHL.Exercise applications allow us to design high standard exercise programming. From starting your fitness journey, reach a healthy lifestyle to seek performance  improving fitness levels and specific outcomes. ATHL S-Core® goes deep into cell metabolism, exercise phisology and biomechanics. Although we can accommodate multiple profiles, ALL programs are individualized to every single user. We do not provide “one fits all” program.


  • What equipment do I need?

    We offer a private library of +600 of the best exercise selection. Programs can be customized based on your fitness equipment tools selection among:

    (Optional in PREMIUM)
    (Optional in PREMIUM)
    (Optional in PREMIUM)
    (Optional in PREMIUM)

    * ATHL.Exercise subscription fee does not include equipment.


  • Where do I have to be to purchase an ATHL.Exercise program?

    The beauty of ATHL.Exercise is that allows anyone to engage on a health, exercise or training program anywhere, anytime: from home, on a business trip, visiting family, on vacation, on a training stage or ready to follow you on your next adventure.


  • Do you I need a gym membership in order to do these programs and exercises?

    No, no gym required. You should be able to exercise anywhere based on your training equipment choice selection. No heavy gym machinery is used in the programs. However, a fitness center may offer more tools and resources to engage on an more ATHL.Exercise extensive exercise program with in a PREMIUM plan.


  • ATHLETES, HEALTH or P:REHAB orientation programs. Which one fits my needs?

    We offer 3 mainstream programs (1) ATHLETES, (2) HEALTH and (3) P:REHAB Each one has been designed to apply ATHL.Core®, our artificial intelligence core to adapt exercise prescription and training to different scenarios of application based on your needs, fitness levels, and goals.

    (1) ATHLETES are programs to get in shape and improve your performance with an outright Strength and Conditioning profile.
    (2) HEALTH is the program to i
    mprove your health, functionality and energize your daily living with an exercise health-fitness program.
    (3) P:REHAB
    are Exercise therapy programs within a Strength and Conditioning scope for injury prevention. If we
    fall, we rise up again.

    To each program, different plans apply (PLUS, PREMIUM) depending on your needs and goals. Different plans applies to the following programs:

    + P:REHAB: PREMIUM only

  • I am injured, Can I exercise?

    Yes, most likely. However, every case will be submitted to PREMIUM assessment. If your situation allows exercising in a safe manner, an specific exercise program, supervised by an Exercise Science Professional will be designed to match your needs. Be aware that SAFETY and YOUR HEALTH goes FIRST. Assessment based on those parameters will be CRITICAL for DECISION MAKING regarding exercise programming. To ensure quality, safety and succes P:REHAB programs only operates with PREMIUM plans.

    * ATHL.Exercise does not substitute medical assessments and treatments. Consult with your physician.


  • I have known health conditions, Can I exercise?

    Most likely. Our first pre-exercise screening and assessment will provide us important details about your health profile. Our goal is to assess your situation, mitigate risks and provide the best possible solutions to increase physical activity for health related fitness. Be aware that SAFETY and YOUR HEALTH goes FIRST. Assessment based on those parameters will be CRITICAL for DECISION MAKING regarding exercise programming. To ensure quality, safety and succes HEALTH programs can be operational with PLUS and PREMIUM plans.

    * ATHL.Exercise does not substitute medical assessments and treatments. Consult with your physician.


  • Choose your programs, define your goals

    Our programs are powered by ATHL.Core. Your program design is based on your goals, time and equipment selection. Goal definition is based on ATHL.Core mainframe 5 core goals, which are:


    Upon your selection programs are desined by goals. If you select multiple goals, different programs will be designed to coordinate to match your your plan to expand your journey. Nothing beats a sound outright Strength & Conditioning profile to face up any activity or challenge.


  • Start your program for free

    Yes, you read that properly. Start your PLUS program for free over a period of 30 days. No cancellation fees, cancel anytime.


  • What is TRUECOACH?

    ATHL.Exercise partners with TRUECOACH,Co to deliver the most unique platform and user experience. TRUECOACH will be the user interface where ATHL.Core will design and deliver your exercise programming.
    TRUECOACH is free for users and downloadable form APPSTORE and PLAYSTORE for iOs and Android devices. WebApp is also accessible for log in form any computer from or your email notifications.


  • How to choose my plan?

    Set your goals in an S.M.A.R.T criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). To help you go SMART we offer you PLUS and PREMIUM plans. What items should you consider?

    (1) Health condition
    (2) Long term goals
    (3) Short term goals
    (4) Time availability

  • What are PLUS plans?

    PLUS plans are CUSTOMIZED individualized programs. Goals and programs are compatible module structures designed by ATHL.Core®. How to choose them on a 2 simple step process:
    1. Set your time per session: 20 or 40 minutes
    2. Set your goals

    To help you to stay in the SMART train, evaluate your commitment vs. workload to select your more appropriate plan. Here are the difference between plans:
    + PLUS (1 goals)  – 3 sessions/week  –  Total of: 1 hours/week (20 min/session) or 1.5 hours/week (40 min/session)
    + PLUS (2 goals)  – 6 sessions/week  –  Total of: 2 hours/week (20 min/session) or 3 hours/week (40 min/session)
    + PLUS (3 goals)  – 9 sessions/week  –  Total of: 3 hours/week (20 min/session) or 6 hours/week (40 min/session)


  • How long are ATHL.Exercise PLUS programs?

    Our target is to you to attain your goals, however there are no short-cuts to success, but optimal or more adequat pathways to reach them. Therefore attitude and perseverance is what matters.

    Whole ATHL PLUS are ongoing proceses. Cycles are set up to be 12 months progression and they continuosly adapt to individualize your program indefinetely. ATHL.Core design programs based on your goals and Stimulus/Rest blocks, so you can expect load modulation for improving exercise benefits. It is subscription based, service is renewed by the plan choosen.

    You evolve, we adapt your programs. Save time, train smarter.



  • What are PREMIUM plans?

    Your journey, your rules. An exercise program designed specifically and only for you with ATHL.Core® under an Exercise Science Professional supervision. Goals, targets, schedule, time availability, equipment with unlimited sessions and assessment tailored to you needs:

    » Initial 1:1 Assessment *
    » ATHL S-Core Assessment & Report
    » Personalized Program Design
    » Weekly Tracking and Supervision
    » Monthly Consulting and Assessment *
    » In App &
    E-mail Contact
    » Priority Support

    * Initial videocall assessment session duration 50-60 min. Monthly consulting assessment session duration ∼30 min. Assessments and videocalls are scheduled and booked within ATHL.Exercise working hours.



  • What are ATHL S-Core Assessment & Reports?

    ATHL S-Core assessment and their reports are an exclusive feature for PREMIUM PLANS. ATHL S-Core assessments delves deep into your Strength & Conditioning profile providing a detailed understanding of your function, biomechanics and fitness giving you a fitness spectrum score. ATHL S-Core allows additional high definition and premium quality tracking within your Strength and conditioning program, design and progression, all of it supervised by your trainer and exercise science professional.

  • How long are ATHL.Exercise PREMIUM programs?

    Our target is to you to attain your goals, however there are no short-cuts to success, but optimal or more adequat pathways to reach them. Therefore attitude and perseverance is what matters.

    ATHL. PREMIUM plans operate from a principle of specificity. Plan subscription varies depending particular secnarios and goals. PREMIUM service duration can be extended for as long as need it. PREMIUM subscription is a renewal services. PREMIUM service options are:

    + Month to month subscritpion
    + Trimestral subscription

    You evolve, we adapt your programs. Save time, train smarter.

  • How do I get started?

    A pre-exercise screening questionnaire and assessment form has to be completed online, it is private and confidential. It will take between 8-15 minutes.


  • How do I get access?

    Upon application being submitted our team of exercise professionals will review it shortly. Once approved a private invitation will be sent by email in 24-72h granting platform access. Your individualized program will be loaded in the platform. Online platform is accessible 24/7, anywhere, anytime.


  • I started my subscription but did not complete my pre-exercise form, what should I do now?

    No worries, if for any reason you could not complete the subscription process (Subscription + Pre-Exercise form) for any reason you can continue your application HERE.

    User application will be validated upon the process is completed from both ends to start.
    Once approved a private invitation will be sent by email in 24-72h granting platform access.


  • How long will take to receive my program?

    PLUS plans program access will take from 24-72h to validate and activate. For PREMIUM plans, premium assessment, evaluation and design might take up to 5-12 days until program starts.


  • How does an ATHL.Exercise programs service fee works?

    Easy. ATHL.Exercise is an exercise content provider on a subscription basis. Exercise content delivery is uninterrupted following user exercise progression, program variety and targeted goals. ATHL.Core® works to deliver premium exercise science to you anywhere you are.


  • Can I exercise/train offline?

    Yes. If you cannot connect in the upcoming days you can download or print your workouts in advance. A preview of ATHL.Core plan is always available from your profile.


  • Can I change my plan?

    Yes. You can upgrade or change your plan at any time. Contact us for change and reconfiguration details.


  • Can I log in from different devices?

    Yes you can! You can have access to your content through multiple devices as: smartphone (APP or WebAPP), tablet (APP or WebAPP) and computer (WebAPP).


  • Webite, platform and service language notice

    ATHL.Exercise main reference webiste version is in English. Spanish, Catalan and German websites are available upon automatic Google multilingual systems.
    PLUS pre exercise forms are available in English and Spanish.
    Free assessments and PREMIUM services can be held in English, Ca
    talan or Spanish at customer discretion.
    For further information and notification: platform, program content and ATHL S-Core reports are in english only.
    We remain at your services thorugh customer service and support to help during your amazing journey using the exercise potential.


  • Methods of payment

    ATHL.Exercise uses a secure virtual gateway payment platform powered by PAYPAL. All operations involving the transmission of personal or bank data are carried out using a safe and secure environment.
    Methods of payment are credit and debit cards accepted by PAYPAL (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery). Currency is Euros (€).


  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. Cancel anytime, no cancellation fees. You can cancel your service anytime at your PAYPAL account
    Policy s
    ubject to General Terms of use and Conditions.


  • ATHL.Exercise Partners and discounts

    We strive to offer efficient and individualized exercise programming and a whole premium service.
    We partnership with brands and companies with which once we can built synergies with the goal to do what keeps you alive.
    In our recommended selection you can find from high quality products, tools to discounts and vouchers. Find out what benefits ATHL.Exercise has for you.

  • Customer service

    ATHL.Exercise is available to answer any questions regarding your journey or your program. Depending on the plan subscription or enquire, timeframe for customer services response is detailed below:

    General enquiries and information   >    >   Response time: 12-72h
    Programs & Plans   >   >   Response time: 12-72h
    Marketing  >   >   Response time: 48-72h
    Cancel subscription  >   >   Response time: 24-72h